Courage. Commitment. Eagerness.

Courage. Commitment. Eagerness.

Admirable traits all, but not necessarily ones that might be associated with Her 2nd Chance’s Bridge to Employment  program, which offers resume and cover letter writing instruction, along with tailored interview preparation sessions to boost confidence and readiness for the job market.

Yet those are precisely the qualities that Debbie Anderson, who volunteers as a Job Mentor for several organizations, says she gleaned from the women she interacted with in the dynamic program.

"After attending an event at Her 2nd Chance and learning of the Bridge to Employment program, I knew that I wanted to contribute in any way that would be helpful," says Anderson. "Meeting with and mentoring the women for four weeks has been extremely rewarding. I am impressed with each woman's courage, commitment, and eagerness; seeing their confidence grow is truly inspiring."

Bridge to Employment is one of three pillars -- Social Enterprise and Wellness Works being the others -- upon which H2C recognizes the unique challenges women face seeking to rebuild their lives after overcoming addiction and aims to bridge the gap between recovery and meaningful employment. 

In 2023, the program was highlighted by an eight-week workshop titled  Making Difficult Conversations Easier, moderated by Board Member Joel Moses, Ph.D., a longtime organizational psychologist. The sessions offered guidance and exercises to help participants effectively deal with complex yet common workplace issues.

In addition to the valuable time that Anderson spent with the women at H2C, there will be further Bridge to Employment efforts later this year. 

"I appreciated the structure provided by the Bridge to Employment program," says Anna M. "I felt that it outlined the hiring process by identifying key phases and then walking us through each one. Partnering with these employment experts allowed me to think about my career -- past, present, and future. I am grateful for all the time and energy put into individualizing the experience."

Kelly also participated in the Bridge to Employment program, explaining that it helped her get back to the basics of pursuing employment.

"It was beneficial because I could not find my resume and had not updated it in 10 years. The mock job interview was very helpful. I now feel confident that I can write a cover letter and interview for a job because I learned how to represent myself and my strengths best."

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