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Back to School: Anna's Story of Liberation

17 January, 2024

As a seasonal hire, Anna walked through the doors of Her2nd Chance three months ago to help with our shop's busy holiday season. At only 27, she has spent almost ten years in and out of active addiction.

Bridge to Employment: Laura's Story of Confidence Renewed

15 January, 2024

"I didn't know that you could get addicted to painkillers in as little as three days of taking them," says Laura, who was prescribed opioid-based medication to treat a post-pregnancy back injury and subsequent surgery. What ensued was a more than decade-long struggle with addiction that sent her life into a state of constant dread, anxiety, and loneliness.

Triumph Over Relapse: Jill's Story of Growth

13 January, 2024

“What I would like people to know is that no one chooses to be an addict. It’s a disease, “ says Jill, who came to Her 2nd Chance in May of 2022 after years of struggling in the cycle of addiction. Drinking and drugging until things were out of control, trying to get sober, relapsing, and trying again.

A Home Restored: Carrie's Story of Transformation

15 August, 2023

"Second Chance is also helping me find myself again, I’m not just a wife or a mother or an alcoholic; I’m so much more. Working at Second Chance after a “successful” experience in treatment is helping me be a stronger person and helping to repair and stabilize our home."

Connie's Second Chance to Shine

16 February, 2022

Second Chance Initiative has given me a purpose. They have given me a do-over. I have so much gratitude for these women. There’s nothing like them.

Pamela: Working Toward a Brighter Future

08 July, 2021

"We need more programs like this as it has potentially saved my life and helped me make a successful transition back into society."