A Note from Our Executive Director

The women we employ have overcome significant obstacles in their lives. Woven into the stories of addiction are childhood abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, incarceration, and homelessness. Yet, each believes that as long as they work hard, they can create brighter futures.

Her 2nd Chance's mission is based on the idea of the organization's Founder, Keely Copeland, to help women thrive after emerging from adversity. As a woman in substance use recovery, Keely recognized that women in early recovery and at all skill levels would benefit from a “launching pad” back to employment. Keely was given a second chance and a path to self-sufficiency. Creating Her 2nd Chance was her way of extending a hand-up to the next woman in need.

Many of our women have significant gaps in their resumes from being un- or under-employed. We seek to address this by being their bridge to future employment opportunities. We also recognize it takes more than a paycheck to flourish; therefore, we offer program participants a flexible work schedule to prioritize recovery, marketable skill development, promotion opportunities, and a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program with access to mental health, legal, and physical well-being resources.

The gift of a second chance that your purchase or donation provides allows for a remarkable change in the women we serve, such as:

Pam fulfilling a dream of going to school to learn website coding.

Connie returning to a full-time position in the Finance department of a large company.

Jill receiving an internal promotion as our Operations Supervisor.

Kristine pursuing her Master's in Health Care Administration.

Jen gaining custody of her child after previously losing visitation rights.

We hope you feel the love that goes into crafting every product.

Wishing you all the second chances you'll ever need and a lifetime of compassion.

Erin Sabin

Executive Director, Her 2nd Chance

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Our Mission is to Create Jobs that Help Women in Recovery Flourish