A Note from Our Founder

The women we employ have overcome significant obstacles in their lives ranging from childhood abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder, to addiction and homelessness, yet each maintains the belief that as long as they work hard, they can create brighter futures.

Working with them has confirmed the importance of our mission. In our communities, there are scores of women who are hungry for change, but who struggle to find employment because of their pasts.

I can relate to their determination, because their story is my story.  Nine years ago, I worked hard to turn my life around after getting sober, but could not find a job because of my background. Like the women we are employing, I was only able to truly move forward when I was given a second chance and a path to self-sufficiency.

Today I have been blessed with the chance to pay it forward helping women emerging from adversity thrive in our local community.

We hope that you feel the love that goes into crafting each and every mug and piece of jewelry.

I wish you all the second chances you'll ever need and a lifetime of compassion.

Keely Copeland

Founder, Second Chance Initiative

Connie's Second Chance to Shine!

16 February, 2022

Second Chance Initiative has given me a purpose. They have given me a do-over. I have so much gratitude for these women. There’s nothing like them.

Pamela Working Toward a Brighter Future.

08 July, 2021

"We need more programs like this as it has potentially saved my life and helped me make a successful transition back into society."

Board Members

Christopher Malfitano, Board President

Casey Gunnell, Board Treasurer

Sarah Lucas, Board Secretary

Keely Copeland, Founder

Janette Barredo

Kristen Migliano

Joel Moses

Catherine Silk

Ariadne Reiman

Bruce Rosetto

Our Mission is to Create Jobs that Help Women in Recovery Flourish