Erika’s Second Chance to Shine

“We’re not judged on our past, but on our ability to contribute to the company. The sisterhood here is one of the best things about this job.”

Please allow us  to introduce you to Erica. Erica has been a valued employee at Second Chance Initiative since September 2020. She is a former employee of the New Jersey School District of 30 years, who was asked to retire from her position as a Secretarywhen heralcohol addiction took over her life. Erica relocated to Florida where she began a recovery program and made the decision to move into a sober living home and her luck started to change. She was introduced to SCI through her roommate at the time and since September has worked her way up from a Fulfillment Specialist to a Production Leader.

At 57 years young Erica feels as though her life is only beginning. Her new way of living has allowed her to not only flourish in a working environment consistently but also in a social setting. Her self -confidence is booming! And for once in her life she is excited about the future. She attributes all of these positive changes to working at Second Chance Initiative. She has been given a second chance to prove that she is reliable and dependable. She is in a place where she can be herself and not have to hide her recovery journey. She attends recovery meetings on a daily basis and works about 25-30 hours per week. She prides herself on seeing her work through from the moment an order comes in to the shipping of the final product. Her work ethic is truly commendable. Erica believes that while working at Second Chance Initiative she has been given a chance to reinvent her life. Her attitude of never giving up on herself and always moving forward are key to her success. She truly does go above and beyond in all that she does. We are extremely fortunate to have her as a part of our team and are excited to watch her continued success.