Are you a woman in recovery with a history of relapsing when you return to work?

If you’re in Palm Beach County, the Second Chance Initiative may be a perfect fit for you. We’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to creating jobs for women in recovery who are re-entering the workforce.

Our Professional Track creates a win-win opportunity for local women in recovery:

  • You bring your hard-won skills and experience to our organization as a paid employee, helping us grow our organization so that we can create more Second Chance jobs for local women in recovery.
  • We provide you with a safe and supportive workplace where you can gain a solid foundation in a recovery before returning to the stress of the corporate world.

We have roles open for the following professionals:

  • Advertising/Public Relations
  • Case Management/Employment Specialist
  • Product Development/Design
  • Sales
  • Content Creation
  • Fundraising
  • Operations
  • Administrative
We’re also open to creating roles for talented professionals who match the win-win dynamic we're seeking).

We fund our workforce re-entry program partly through community support (grants and fundraising) and partly through the sale of products like coffee mugs and tumblers.

Second Chance was built by women in recovery for women in recovery. We see Second Chance as the “halfway house” of the work world. You will be earning a paycheck and expected to show up on time and complete specific duties — but you won’t fully be back in the stress of the corporate world. If you regularly attend a 5:30 PM recovery meeting, you’re guaranteed to be out the door by 5:00 PM. At the Second Chance Initiative, your recovery always comes first.

There are, of course, some trade offs. You will be working for a young nonprofit and you will earn the kind of wage that people make at a young nonprofit, not a 6-figure corporate salary. However, the women who have successfully matriculated from our Professional Track have proven that this short-term financial sacrifice comes with long-term gains. We’ve had women break the pattern of chronic relapse, regain custody of children and, after 1-2 years with us, return to the corporate world without relapsing.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please apply using this Google Form.