Triumph Over Relapse: Jill's Story of Growth

Jill lived in the chaos and misery of active addiction for more than 12 years.

“What I would like people to know is that no one chooses to be an addict. It’s a disease, “ says Jill, who came to Her 2nd Chance in May of 2022 after years of struggling in the cycle of addiction. Drinking and drugging until things were out of control, trying to get sober, relapsing, and trying again. 

Her story is familiar to many in recovery who have battled with chronic relapse. At eight years old, Jill lost her mother to a sudden illness, creating an immense void in her life. Her father did his best, and they were close, but she started drinking alcohol at 13. In college, her drinking got progressively worse. “When my father started dating again, I felt abandoned and alone," explains Jill. "To cope with these feelings, I started drinking more." She also began working at a bar and using cocaine regularly. Her daily use became so extreme she would stay awake for weeks on end. Coworkers finally intervened, and at 23, Jill went to her first treatment center in Florida.

Not entirely convinced she needed to change, Jill spent the next two years in and out of treatment centers. Again and again, hopeful periods of sobriety ended in demoralizing relapse.  During a stay at a halfway house, Jill met her future husband, Nick, and together, they lived in the chaos and misery of active addiction for 12 years. Jill welcomed a daughter, Gabby, and became a full-time stay-at-home mom. “In hindsight, it was a very isolating time where I felt like I lost my identity. It fueled my drug use even more.”

A court case with the Department of Child and Family Services inspired Jill to take action. “I went back to treatment, but this time was different. I went for myself.” Jill recently celebrated three years of sobriety, the longest she has ever been sober.

Since joining Her 2nd Chance, she has excelled at all aspects of the production process and is a beloved team member. Recently, Jill applied for and went through the interview process for a Champion role. 

In August, she was named Operations Supervisor. “I have experienced so much personal and professional growth at Her 2nd Chance,” says Jill. It has given her life purpose, structure, and fulfillment. “I am no longer viewed solely as Nick’s wife or Gabby’s mom. I am Jill.” 


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